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Foodways: The connection between food procurement, preparation and consumption within a particular group of people—the intersection of food in culture, traditions and history.

We've had so many great responses to our foodways programs and quite often hear that phrase, "Can I have the recipe for this?" So in response, please find here a listing of some of our most popular and sought-after recipes.

A Taste of New Hampshire’s Past
Sharing the history of food production and preparation in rural New England. 

  • Our Foodways Programming highlights the historic practices used for growing, raising, storing, preparing and cooking foods that were important in meeting the year-round nutritional needs of rural New England families

  • Through displays and exhibits, visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for why New Englanders ate seasonally-appropriate foods and how they prepared those foods

  • Regional recipes are an important part of our history and may be found in various Museum displays—often as take-home recipes—and many can be found in the Remick-Made Cookbook (for sale in the Museum Store)
The Hearth Room & Victorian Kitchen
  • Located in the Museum Center, the Victorian Kitchen exhibit is a representation of how kitchen spaces looked in the past.

  • Our 19th-century reproduction hearth is the centerpiece of the Hearth Room and also serves as a working hearth during open-hearth cooking demonstrations and Hearthside Dinners.

Join Us and Taste it for Yourself
  • Hearthside Dinners ~ Try your hand at preparing a 19th-century-style meal in our open hearth

Food Production
Through the foods we grow and the meats we raise, Remick strives to bring sustainably raised, healthful choices to the awareness of our visitors and local consumers.

Remick-Made Foods
  • We use as many in-season, Remick-raised and -grown, and locally-sourced ingredients as possible when creating foods for our dinners and events.
Farm Stand
Farm-Raised Meats and Eggs
  • When available and while supplies last, we sell frozen packages (~1#) of farm-raised ground beef, pork sausage and sausages, and farm-fresh eggs. Please call for availability: 603-323-7591.

History you can taste!

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