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Field Trips to the Museum & Farm

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Remick Museum & Farm offers a wide range of theme-based education programs that interpret domestic and agricultural life through the past 200 years.

New Educational Activities at the Remick Museum

There are four new educational blocks to try at the Remick:

General Store and Trading Post—Students will learn about bartering and credit at the general store. While role playing they will be able to shop off the shelves of the store and decide what is needed versus what is wanted. Trade routes, lack of common currency, the need for a social gathering spot and the importance of the store owner will be discussed.

Building a Community—What do natural resources, geography and people have in common? The success or demise of a community! Students will decide where buildings, roads and certain jobs should be located on our 3-D community. As resources, technology and population change so do the buildings, needs and location of the community. No two classes will build the same one!

Livestock—Did you know that footballs were originally made from pig’s bladders? Students will learn to identify the different animals on the farm, their multiple uses, and the care and maintenance these animals need. A hands-on activity will reinforce vocabulary using farm-related props.

Sewing Skills—Students will learn about the history of needles and thread and how the mechanization of them has changed sewing, and how sewing, in turn, has helped form civilization itself. Several types of stitches, thread and needles will be discussed. They will learn how the invention of the sewing machine has changed our lives and made fashion mass produced and affordable. Students will learn 3 stitches and create a felted money/cell phone holder.

To receive a copy of our Education Programs Brochure by mail, arrange your group's visit or for any questions please call: (603) 323-7591 or toll free 1 (800) 686-6117.

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You may also click here to email our Museum Program Manager, Erica Boynton.

Cost is $5 per individual, including chaperones and teachers.

NEW! Please review our new policies for school group reservations.

Additionally, we offer the following programs — many can be adjusted to fit any learning level. Some of the same topics can be brought to the classroom through our Outreach Program and Education Kits.



Educational Visits for School Groups



We offer a variety of educational programs for children in grades Pre-K–12! 
  • We provide history-focused, season-based and highly interactive learning experiences*
  • Season-appropriate activities are available to complement classroom studies—we can help with your selection
  • Various learning levels can be accomodated with most of the activities
  • Some activities can be brought to your classroom through our Outreach Program
  • For Homeschoolers: Read about our interactive homeschool programming
  • Please take a moment to review our policies for school group reservations
  • Frequently asked questions are answered below

Cost: $6/individual
*A list of programming options is provided below 

Print the brochure

Win a trip to Remick! In June of 2016 we welcomed Mrs. Sawyer’s 4th Grade Class from Wheelock Elementary School in Keene, NH, runner up prize winner in the Class Act Video Awards for their video "There’s no better place in all outer space than New Hampshire!" (Shown in photo, above.) We are honored to be taking part in this fun and imaginative contest during the 2016-2017 school year, our third year participating as a winning destination. The contest is sponsored by the New Hampshire Division of Tourism & Travel and ALL 4th grades in New Hampshire are encouraged to participate. We hope your class will participate and perhaps be our guest in the spring of 2017! 


Programming Options

Abenaki Indian Studies, Grades K–12 (all seasons)
  • Apple Cider Pressing, Grades K–12 (Sept–Nov)
  • Building a Community, Grades 3–12 (all seasons)
  • Butter Making/Dairy, Grades K–12 (all seasons)
  • Candle Making/Historic Lighting, Grades 1–12 (all seasons)
  • Captain Enoch Remick House Tour, Grades 8–12 (May–June/Sept–Oct)
  • Corn Husk Dolls, Grades K–8 (all seasons)
  • Country Doctors, Grades 3–12 (all seasons)
  • Domestic Arts, Grades K–6 (May–June/Sept–Oct)
  • Farm & Animal Tour, Grades preK–12 (March–June/Sept–Nov)
  • Grains & Grinding, Grades 3–12 (all seasons)
  • Hearth/Woodstove Cooking, Grades 2–12 (Sept–March)
  • Historic Clothing, Grades 3–8 (all seasons)
  • Ice Harvesting, Grades 3–12 (February only, weather permitting)
  • Maple Sugaring, Grades K–12 (Select dates in March)
  • Oxcart Man, Grades preK–4 (all seasons)
  • Plowing/Gardening, Grades 3–8 (mid-April–June)
  • School Days, Grades 2–12 (all seasons)
  • Timber Framing, Grades 4–12 (mid-April–June/Sept–mid-Nov)
  • Tin Work, Grades 5–12 (all seasons)
  • Toys and Games, Grades 1–6 (all seasons)
  • Wild Edibles & Plant Identification, Grades 3–12 (May–June/Sept–Oct)
  • Woodworking, Grades 5–12 (mid-April–June/Sept–Oct)
  • Wool Processing, Grades 3–12 (all seasons)
Art History/Drawing, Grades K–12 (all seasons)
Nature Hikes, Grades K–12 (all seasons)
Outdoor Cooking, Grades 4–12 (March–June/Sept–Nov)
Sticks and Stones, Grades 4–12 (mid-April–June/Sept–Oct)

Please contact us to book your visit or with planning questions:
Program Manager Dawn Evans at 603-323-7591 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the $6 cost pertain to teachers/chaperones?
Yes, the $6 cost includes all participants.
What days of the week are available?
Field Trips may be booked Monday-Friday. Please call for available dates.
What time of year and time of day may we come?
We are open year-round. Most programming takes place between 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.; however, we do our best to be flexible to meet your needs.
How many students may we bring?
We have a minimum group size of 8 children and 1 adult. If fewer in number, the group will be charged the $45 minimum. Groups larger than 60 are asked to come over multiple days, if possible.
How many adults should we bring?
We recommend no more than 3 adults for every 10 students, with a minimum of 1 adult per 10 students (unless bringing the minimum group size—see ablove). This is meant as a guideline to ensure the focus is on the students during the activity and to minimize distractions.

How should we prepare for our visit?
Make sure all participants are dressed appropriately for the changing weather and wear closed-toe shoes. Sun protection, layers of clothing and rain gear are important, as we may be walking between buildings and many activities are outside. Bring snacks, lunches and water, and inform all adults and chaperones about the day’s schedule and Museum guidelines. Schedules and guidelines will be sent ahead of time to the teacher who is arranging the trip.

During our visit, how large will an individual Educational Program grouping be?
We attempt to schedule 8-15 students per group within the overall Educational Program.
What if school is cancelled—your district or ours—on the day our field trip is planned?
If your school is cancelled on the date of your visit, please call us as soon as possible: 603-323-7591. We are closed on days that our local school district is cancelled and will contact you. In either case, we do our best to schedule a back-up date for your visit.
Do you have other activities available?
We have self-guided nature walks and themed Activity Bags & Activity Backpacks that may be used on the Museum property.
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