Four seasons of healthful, farm-fresh experiences.


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Season-based and curricula-supporting educational programming on the grounds of a historic farmstead.


Fall Class Options



Farm to Home, Wool!
Sheeps’ wool is an important contributor to the variety of natural fibers used in our daily lives.

Students will: 

  • Discover how the wool for their sweaters and blankets start as energy from the sun.
  • Learn about all the steps that it takes to get wool from the farm to their homes.
  • Visit the sheep on the farm to observe their farmyard roles.
Standards, Objectives & Program Outline
Grades K–2  |  Grades 3–5  |  Grades 6–8  |  Grades 9–12

Farm to Table, Butter!
Discover where butter comes from and all of the steps required to get it to the kitchen table.

Students will: 

  • Learn about and observe dairy operations at Remick Farm.
  • Discover how dairy animals (goats and cows) get their energy for survival and milk production.
  • Try their hand at turning cream into butter.
Standards, Objectives & Program Outline

Seed Dispersal on the Farm
Learn how plants move around and how this is important for the farm.

Students will:
  • Observe a variety of different plants to see how their seeds are distributed in their ecosystem.
  • Model the role fur-covered animals play in moving seeds around.
  • Build and test their own “seed” as an engineering challenge.
Standards, Objectives & Program Outline
Grades K–2  |  Grades 3–5  |  Grades 6–8  |  Grades 9–12

Soil Science
Good soil is essential for a successful farm and a healthy planet earth.

Students will: 

  • Explore, and build a definition of, soil.
  • Compare and contrast different soil types around the farm.
  • Brainstorm ways that humans can ensure our soil stays healthy in the future.
Standards, Objectives & Program Outline 
Grades K–2  |  
Grades 3–5  |  Grades 6–8  |  Grades 9–12

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