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Educational walks on the grounds of a historic farmstead.


Remick Ramblers



Educational walks in nature!
Remick Ramblers is a new, nature-based exploration group for children available during traditional school hours. These nature walks are created and led by Program Manager/Museum Educator Jim Cruickshank (read his bio) and designed to encourage experiential learning.

  • Sessions are season-based and feature discovery through the senses and a variety of hands-on activities.
  • Group interaction and discussion encourage a deeper understanding of each themed session (listed below).
  • Sessions are offered October–June and are for students ages 6 and above.
  • Pre-registration is required, call 603-323-7591 to register.
    • Registration closes the Monday prior to each scheduled class
    • We are unable to accommodate walk-ins for Remick Rambler sessions
  • Sessions take place rain/snow or shine; all participants should be prepared to spend the session time outdoors.
  • This is not a drop-off program: parents and guardians should be prepared to be with the group and are encouraged to participate.
  • Class size is limited and may be impacted by the scheduled class; early registration is encouraged.

COST: $6 per child
Unless noted otherwise
Ages 6 & up. 
Pre-registration required by the Monday prior (three days) to each class date. No charge for the accompanying adult unless staying on to enjoy the museum and/or farm following the class; child’s class fee covers their museum admission. To register or for more information, call 603-323-7591.

Registration & Cancellation Policies 

Non-registration inquiries may be emailed to program manager Jim Cruickshank or reach him by phone at 603-323-7591.

We are currently closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Read our latest update.


2019-2020 SCHEDULE

OCTOBER 3 | Autumn Art Gallery
Help us kick off our new nature exploration program at Remick Farm as the leaves turn their amazing autumn colors! During this lesson, participants will:

  • Hike the nature trails around the property.
  • Learn about the science behind leaf change.
  • Create watercolor art using the same natural pigments that provide our wonderful fall foliage. 

NOVEMBER 7 | Diggin’ for Decomposers
Come, join the Remick Ramblers on a quest for decomposers. Participants will:

  • Learn about the importance that invertebrates, microorganisms, and fungi play in cycling nutrients in the ecosystem. 
  • Roll logs, move leaves, and dig in the dirt to observe decomposers in their natural habitat.

DECEMBER 5 | Winter Tree Identification
How can we tell trees apart without their leaves? Join the Remick Ramblers on a cold-weather hike around the farm to find out! Participants will:

  • Learn different ways we can identify trees during the winter months.
  • Practice these new skills using field guides.
  • Observe what’s happening as we transition from fall to winter. 

JANUARY 9 | Animal Tracks & Signs
Start out the New Year with a ramble through the woods in search of animal signs and tracks! Who stays and who goes during the winter at Remick Farm? The group will:
  • Use observations, discussion, and field guides to help identify tracks.
  • Identify the daring creatures that are out and about during the cold winter months.

FEBRUARY 6 | The Story of Snow
We love snow at Remick Farm! While we often think about all the fun it is to throw a snowball or go sledding, what about the snow itself? Help us dig into the science of snow. Exciting experiments and activities will:
  • Let us know how much water is in a pile of snow.
  • Identify different types of snow.
  • How animals rely on snow during the winter.

MARCH 26 | Compasses & Orienteering
A compass is still a great tool for the forest rambler. Participants will:
  • Learn a little about how compasses work.
  • Do backyard compass training with games and skill-building. 
  • Set out on a group hike around the farm, using our compasses to lead the way.

APRIL 9 | Aquatic Investigations
Did you know some of the invertebrates living in the water can show us how healthy our water is? Help us capture, identify, record, and (of course!) return aquatic invertebrates to the water in an effort to:
  • Learn about and compare the water health at Remick Farm waterways. 
  • Understand how water is vital for our planet and what we can learn by looking at what is living there.

MAY 7 | Wildflowers
With warmer temperatures come blooming wildflowers! Participants will:
  • Hike around Remick Farm looking for all of the beautiful wildflowers of the season. 
  • Discuss parts of a plant, wildflower identification, and their role in the ecosystem. 
  • Use field guides and sketching to help ID and record their observations.

JUNE 11 | Tree ID Focus: Leaves  CANCELED
Is that tree a maple or an oak? After this interactive nature hike, participants will:
  • Have the basic tools for understanding how we can identify tree species by their leaves. 
  • Use field guides, sketches, and teach fellow hikers.
  • Practice learned, valuable skills.


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