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Even when you cannot travel far, there are still many ways that you can connect to Earth’s systems and our farms and food—right from your own home. Join Remick program manager Jim Cruickshank to learn about ways to experience these themes while in your home, yard or garden.

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LESSON 1 | Phenology
You don’t have to have a forest or field available to study nature! If you can hear the first cricket of the year or keep an eye out for a dandelion flower in your yard, you can study the cycles that plants and animals go through that are brought on by weather and the seasons—also known as Phenology. Join Jim to learn a little more about what you can keep an eye out for at home, and some fun ways to record these awesome seasonal phenomena.


LESSON 2 | Where Does Our Food Come From?
We can still learn about where our food comes from, even if we can't explore the farm in person! Join Jim as he introduces you to a fun food-themed activity where you discover where some of our food comes from. Following the lesson, you can research your own food supply and create a wonderful project to record your findings—including maps.


LESSON 3 | Soil Science
Healthy soil is vital for the plants of both farm and forest. Join Jim as he shares an interactive activity that you can do at home that will introduce you to soil types and classification. Afterwards, think about new questions and how you can develop this activity into more science experiments at home!

LESSON 4 | Energy Transfer in the Ecosystem
Energy is what allows all the living organisms on Earth to live and grow. Join Jim as he shares some ways to observe nature and use those observations to introduce the concept of how energy gets transferred through an ecosystem! This episode may be most enjoyable if you pause to do each activity before returning to the video.

LESSON 5 | Populations & Sampling Methods
Have you ever wondered how many trees are in the forest? Join Jim as he shares some fun sampling methods on how to estimate populations of things in nature! You can use these skills to investigate the outdoor spaces available to you right now (even if it's just a small area) and estimate the population of different species living there.


LESSON 6 | Visiting the New Kids at the Farm
We have a lot of new arrivals on the farm this spring, and Jim is here to introduce you to our new goats! Learn a little about our Anglo-Nubian goats as you watch and enjoy them run and jump around their home.

LESSON 7 | Backyard Insect Observations
While it is easy to only think about how insects "bug" us in and outside of the house, they play a vital role in the ecosystems of Earth. As a bonus, they are often easy to find, so we can make lots of cool observations. Join Jim for an introduction on how to look for insects all around you!

More videos! For behind-the-scenes farm visits from wherever you are, visit the Virtual Tours page.

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