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Remick Country Doctor
Museum & Farm

58 Cleveland Hill Rd.
Tamworth Village, NH 03886

Tel: (603) 323-7591

Taking Photos & Videos at Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm
Like you, we love taking and sharing photos, especially here on this beautiful, historic site. In addition, we want all of our guests to enjoy the beauty Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm provides, now and for years to come. For the safety and consideration of all, we have established photography guidelines and appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 
  • While we try to extend every consideration to individuals and groups wishing to photograph at Remick, these activities must not interfere with normal operations or compromise the safety of our buildings, museum collections, animals or the grounds; the use of drones is prohibited.

  • All photographers (anyone capturing or recording an image by mechanical or digital means [film or video] for commercial, professional, artistic, or recreational use) are required to pay admission or any associated fee before capturing images.

  • Commercial, Professional and/or Artistic photographers (see definitions provided in our policy) are required to make an appointment with the Marketing Coordinator prior to the session date. Photography may not begin until an application has been approved and any associated fee is paid in full. 

If you are considering capturing images at Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm, please read our complete Remick Photography Policy.

Happy photographing!

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