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This photo is one of the few we have in our collection of Dr. Edwin Crafts Remick (left) and his father, Dr. Edwin Remick.

Two country doctors. A historic homestead. A working farm.

The Remick family settled in Tamworth over 200 years ago. Six generations of the same family worked the farm, prospered, and were active in the town’s history. The last two generations of the Remick family produced country doctors: Dr. Edwin Remick and Dr. Edwin Crafts Remick, each of which served the rural community where they were born and raised. Together they provided 99 years of continual medical care for the residents of Tamworth and surrounding towns.

Before his death in 1993, Dr. Edwin “Doc” Crafts Remick created a foundation to preserve the family homestead, farm, and history of the country doctor in a way that the public could directly learn from and enjoy. The Remick family’s 200-year history in Tamworth gives us all a glimpse into how people farmed, worked and played in this idyllic landscape.

To educate a broad and diverse public to the values and significance of the medical practice and agricultural way of life of the country doctor, and to preserve and protect the Remick property and collections for the benefit of the public.” 

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