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“One cat just leads to another.” ~ Ernest Hemmingway

The history of cats at Remick

As photographs attest, while growing up in the Captain Enoch Remick House Edwin C. “Doc” Remick’s family kept house pets.  As he grew, Doc’s love for cats followed him into adulthood and married life.

Doc Remick and his wife, Marion Miles Remick, adored cats and shared their home with them for more than 50 years. Records do not document all their names, however, Siamese cats “Mei Ling” and “Chiang Kai Shek” lived here, as well as “Obie,” the last Remick cat. Whether enjoying Marion’s garden, sitting on shelves in the pharmacy at the doctor’s office or adventuring in the dairy and horse barns, these beloved companions brought Doc and Marion much joy.

Photographic evidence and a study of the Remick’s home suggest that the couple strived to provide a stellar quality of life for their cats. Doc and Marion had a cat ramp installed to ensure the cats had private entry to their 2nd-floor apartment from the front porch. At meal time, cats accessed the kitchen through a cat door—a small cutout made in the kitchen door—and faint white smudges on the dining room floor suggest paw prints from a cat that stepped in wet paint long ago. 

Over the years, Marion was gifted a variety of cat-centric items, many of which remain on display today. Cat décor can be found in most rooms of the apartment in a variety of formats including wall hangings, figurines, photographs, bookmarks and pillows—all evidence of the high regard Doc and Marion had for their feline friends.

Access to Doc and Marion’s modest apartment is accessible by tour only: Extended Remick Country Doctor Medical History Tour.


The museum store carries items that honor Doc and Marion’s love of their feline friends, including collectible Cat’s Meow Village items. If you’re a cat lover or have someone on your gift list who is, please stop in.

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