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Now over 160 years old, Doc’s historic barn is in need of roof repairs and more.

We’re preparing to nurse our historic barn back to health!
New Hampshire has a rich agricultural heritage, and one of the most significant symbols of this heritage is the historic English-style barn — known to us as the Museum Barn — located here at Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm. 

The Museum Barn was built as a working barn and remains so today. In the past, this three-bay barn was used for the milking of cows and housing livestock and equipment, with lofts above both side bays for storing hay. The large, sliding doors on either end of the central bay provided air circulation for drying hay, cooling animals, and the ability to drive equipment in on one side of the barn and out the other.

Today, the structure serves as a kidding barn, a feeding station for our kid and adult goats, an overnight and cooling shelter for our goat kids and other small livestock, a storage space, and an occasional inclement weather activity space; during the winter, it shelters a portion of our goat and sheep herds. The farmstead’s migratory barn swallows call it home, too.

This long-lasting post-and-beam barn was built more than 160 years ago and has been a visual landmark within Tamworth Village ever since. However, the barn's roof is significantly leaking and the structure itself is in urgent need of repair. Our planned project to return the barn to a sound structure is outlined below.



  • Repairing the Roof
    The leaking roof is damaging the historic structure, and it needs to be repaired before it's too late. This will involve removing the existing roofing material, repairing any damaged wood, and then installing a new roof.   

  • Replacing Damaged Siding
    Over the years, some of the barn's siding has rotted, and it needs to be replaced. This will involve carefully removing the old siding and then replacing it with new, weather-resistant siding.   

  • Installing Proper Drainage
    There is currently no drainage system in place around the barn, which is contributing to the damage. We will install a proper drainage system, including gutters and downspouts, to prevent future damage.

  • Preserving Public Accessibility
    We will work to ensure that all repairs are done in a way that preserves the historic character of the barn. This will involve using appropriate materials and techniques to maintain the original look and feel of the barn.   

  • Ensuring Public Accessibility
    Once the repairs are complete, we will work to make the barn accessible to the public for tours. This will include installing lighting, and other amenities to make the barn a welcoming place for museum visitors.   

Our total project cost is estimated to be $15,000. The donations received during NH Gives 2023 (June 6 & 7, 2023) have been allocated for this project — thank you to those who supported our campaign. Learn more about NH Gives.

The historic barn at Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm is a vital structure of our historic farmstead and we need to act quickly to save it. Contributions made will help in preserving a piece of history and a landmark of New Hampshire’s agricultural heritage.

Interested in donating to this project?
Please reach out to executive director Cara Sutherland at info@remickmuseum.org. 
Thank you for your interest in preserving a piece of New Hampshire’s agricultural past!

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