Healthful, farm-fresh experiences for all generations.
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Season-based and curricula-supporting educational programming on the grounds of a historic farmstead.


School Groups: FAQs



What are the minimum group size and fee?
We require a minimum of 10 students and 1 teacher per group (1 teacher per 10 students participates for free). In order to provide you with a quality program, our maximum group size is 30 students; groups larger than 30 students are asked to visit over multiple days. The minimum cost for a group program is $80, charged even if some students are absent on the day of the program.
How many adults should we bring?
We recommend no more than 3 adults for every 10 students, with a minimum of 1 adult per 10 students. This is meant as a guideline to ensure the focus is on the students during the activity and to minimize distractions. (Note: Adults numbering over 1 per 10 students will be charged the $8 fee.)

How should we prepare for our visit?
Make sure all participants dress appropriately for the changing weather and wear closed-toe shoes. Sun protection, layers of clothing and rain gear are important, as sessions will take place outside. Bring snacks, lunches, and water, and inform all adults and chaperones about the day’s schedule and Museum guidelines. Schedules and guidelines will be sent ahead of time to the teacher who is arranging the trip.

During our visit, how large will an individual group be?
We attempt to schedule no more than 15 students per individual group, with a maximum of 30 students in the overall visiting group.
What if school is canceled (your district or ours) on the day our field trip is planned?
If your school is canceled on the date of your visit, please call us as soon as possible: 603-323-7591. We are closed on days that our local school district is canceled and will contact you. In either case, we do our best to schedule a backup date for your visit.
Do you have other activities available?
We have self-guided tours and a nature walk. Please call to arrange for these activities to be ready for your group.

Is there something more we should be aware of?
On rare occasions, our marketing coordinator shadows school groups for a brief portion of their visit. This is done for the sole purpose of capturing images of the lesson for use in promoting the same or similar activity in the future (our website, activity poster, our social media channels). We work to take photos that do not clearly identify students (side shots, close-ups of hands, etc.); however, if your school and/or students within your group are bound by a restrictive photo policy, please have your point person share this information with us on the day of your visit.

Additional fee information

Teachers, chaperones and bus drivers:
  • One (1) teacher/chaperone for every 10 students is free of charge; each additional teacher/chaperone pays $8 each.
  • One (1) bus driver is free of charge.
  • Payment for your group’s program can be made when you arrive at the museum, with cash, check or credit card. Due to limited visit time and space in our reception area, we ask that one person—preferably the adult in charge of your group’s program—collect the money, in advance, from those attending, including both students and adults, and pay the receptionist upon arrival. 
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