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Interactive, educational programming on the grounds of a dynamic farmstead.


Homeschool Classes



Info from our Spring 2022 season...

Our schoolroom is an entire farmstead!
Announcing new programming for the remainder of the 2021/2022 school season, created and led by Program Manager/Educator Jim Cruickshank (read his bio). All programming is largely outdoor-based and incorporates agriculture, nature, science and/or math.

  • Classes are season-based and feature discovery through the senses and hands-on activities.
  • Group interaction and discussion encourage a deeper understanding of each themed class (listed below).
  • Classes are offered September–June and are for students ages 5 and above.
  • Pre-registration is required, call (603) 323-7591 to register.
    • Registration is required by the Friday prior to each scheduled class.
    • We are unable to accommodate walk-ins for homeschool classes.
  • Classes take place rain/snow or shine and a majority of the lesson will take place outdoors; all participants should be prepared to spend time outdoors.
  • This is not a drop-off program: parents and guardians should be prepared to be with the group and are encouraged to participate.
  • Class size is limited and may be impacted by the scheduled class; early registration is encouraged.

COST: $5 per person (child and parent/chaperone)

Ages 5 & up. 
Pre-registration is required by the Friday prior to each class date.
To register or for more information, call (603) 323-7591.

Registration & Cancellation Policies 

Non-registration inquiries may be emailed to program manager Jim Cruickshank, or reach him by phone at (603) 323-7591.

“We had a lovely class this morning about seed dispersal and it was incredibly full of all the right things... a wide range of students’ ages and abilities, a wide range of activities and learning, and so much less of lecturing and instruction. It was beautifully thought out and intentional, directing the learner to explore and discover, in nature, through STEM, and all farm-based including sheep visits and goat petting... I’m so glad I could bring my four this morning to observe, collect, adventure, and create!”
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MARCH | From Maple Sap to Maple Syrup
The end of March is a sweet time of year in New England. Join us for a hike around the farm to learn about the sugaring process from tree to bottle! T
opics covered include: Sugar maple identification; The role of sap for trees; How to tap a tree safely; How sap is turned into maple syrup.

APRIL | Planting a Garden
Help Jim get the Remick gardens going and take home a plant too! You will learn how to: Choose the best plants for the season; Sow seeds at the proper depth and spacing; Care for plants after they’ve been planted.

MAY | Beginning Birding
The farm is a great place to make bird observations due to our proximity to ponds and rivers, open fields, and forested areas. Join Jim on a hike across the Remick farmstead to learn about the many wild birds on the property! Migrating birds should have made it back to New Hampshire, so participants will: 
learn how to use binoculars; search for, and make observations about, our flying friends.

JUNE | Goats and Kids
Get to know our goats and new arrivals... the goat kids! (We might even help train them for a goat hike.) Observe and learn about: goat behaviors of both adults and young farm animals; how Remick goats engage with their environment; the needs of goats and their kids; the role of goats on the Remick farmstead.

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