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Interactive, educational programming on the grounds of a dynamic farmstead.


Remick Homeschool



Our schoolroom is an entire farmstead!
Created and led by Program Manager/Educator Jim Cruickshank, our homeschool programming primarily takes place outdoors and incorporates agriculture, history, nature, science and/or math. Classes take place on selected Wednesdays from September to December and winter/spring classes take place from February to June.

  • Classes are season-based and feature discovery through the senses and hands-on activities.
  • Group interaction and discussion encourage a deeper understanding of each subject.
  • Except for our history-based lessons, classes primarily take place outdoors in rain/snow or shine: participants should be dressed for the day’s weather.
  • This is not a drop-off program: caretakers should be prepared to be with the group and are encouraged to participate.
  • Class size is limited and may be impacted by the class topic; early registration is encouraged.

New cost structure!  1 student & 1 caregiver: $12 total | $10 for members
Cost for additional student(s)/caregiver(s): $5 each.
Designed for students ages 5 and above, 12 and above for advanced classes.
Pre-registration is required by the Friday before each class date; we cannot accommodate walk-ins.
Call (603) 323-7591 to register.

Registration & Cancellation Policies 

Non-registration inquiries may be emailed to program manager Jim Cruickshank.


Winter/Spring Sessions 2024

FEBRUARY 28 | Seed Starting
It might be too cold to plant our outdoor gardens, but that doesn't mean we can't get started. Participants will learn about planning a successful garden, explore the life cycle of plants, and start seeds to take home and nurture through the growing season — indoors or out!

MARCH 20 | Measuring Maple
Participants will put their math skills to work to learn how measurements and data collection can aid maple producers in making the best maple products they can!

APRIL 17 | Photographs: Yesterday & Today
Photographs have been used for centuries to record data, allowing historians to learn about the past. Participants will learn about photography, study early photographs in the Remick collection to see what clues about that past can be found, and even snap a photo that future researchers can use to study Remick history! If participants have a camera (even access to one on a phone), they are welcome to bring it to this lesson.  

MAY 15 | Invasive Species
One of the consequences of expanded human travel has been the spreading of living species outside of their normal range. Many of these organisms cannot survive or have little/no negative impacts in their new territory. Unfortunately, some become invasive and can be quite ruinous for local ecosystems. Participants will learn how to identify some local examples of this and learn how we can slow the spread by properly removing at least one type from the Remick Farm grounds!

JUNE 12 | Water Quality on the Farm
Did you know some of the invertebrates that live in water can show us how healthy our water is? Help us capture, identify, record, and (of course!) return aquatic invertebrates to their water homes to learn about and compare the water health in Remick Farm waterways. Water is vital for our farm and planet, and we can tell a lot about it by looking at what is living there!

Our fall Remick Homeschool schedule will be posted in late summer.


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